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watson_building_inspections Funny Findings today, at a new construction home inspection in Walnut Springs. First, the air handler condensation lines were plumbed incorrectly. To allow condensation to adequately leave the unit, these lines should be separated. A primary and a secondary, in this case they decided to cut a corner and tie them together. Secondly, theContinue reading “Visit our Instagram/facebook”

Hood County Electrical Inspections

Our recent inspection on a new construction in Hood County, Tx found this important issue with an Electrical Sub-Panel. If you look closely the ground bar was never properly bonded on the right side of the panel. This is a very simple fix, but it had been overlooked during the builder installation. All of theContinue reading “Hood County Electrical Inspections”

Granbury, Tx Structural Home Inspections

This weeks tip is regarding your Home foundation. Everyone in Granbury, Tx may already know that proper drainage around the perimeter of your home is vital to your foundation performance, but maintaining proper moisture levels is also important. In Texas most soil will stay extremely saturated with moisture until dry summer months, and the soilContinue reading “Granbury, Tx Structural Home Inspections”

Appliances, and Gas furnace combustion

Word of advice today, make sure your Home has adequate combustion air for your gas appliances. Combustion air is an important topic, having proper amounts of combustion air will ensure your Gas water heater and furnace is operating properly and not wasting unnecessary energy. If there is inadequate amounts of combustion air available to theseContinue reading “Appliances, and Gas furnace combustion”

Galvenized steel plumbing

When buying older homes, be aware of the condition and type of your plumbing distribution. This home built before 1960 in Benbrook, Tx has galvanized interior distribution for plumbing, these pipes are known to corrode from the inside and can minimize water flow. Deep in the attic is where these pipes were found, Copper wasContinue reading “Galvenized steel plumbing”

Real Estate Agent Partnerships

Realtors, is Your Home Inspector a Partner or a Vendor? When you partner with us, we are much more than just a vendor, our mission is to provide a lasting partnership. Being a valuable partner involves offering tools and services to equip our referral partners with useful information that helps them better serve homeowners. AtContinue reading “Real Estate Agent Partnerships”

Our Inspector always conveys findings in a way that is informative without alarming or scaring clients. With our extensive experience and thorough inspection reports, we greatly reduce potential complaints to you as a Real Estate Professional!

Pool Inspections We inspect all pool types and test all related systems with your pools cleaning system, Water Features, Child Safety, Proper Electrical Bonding, Pool and Spa heaters, pumps, filters etc.