Real Estate Agent Partnerships

Realtors, is Your Home Inspector a Partner or a Vendor?

When you partner with us, we are much more than just a vendor, our mission is to provide a lasting partnership.

Being a valuable partner involves offering tools and services to equip our referral partners with useful information that helps them better serve homeowners.

At Watson Building Inspections we are not looking to form surface level relationships but, rather, build long-term partnerships that go well beyond thorough home inspections.

More than just a home inspection

In order to assist our Real Estate partners, we offer a variety of tools and values to help make their jobs easier.

First, we provide repair request addendum lists via our Spectora software, that enables a Realtor to easily create a pdf with requested repairs, and even specify credit amounts all within minutes straight from our Inspection Report.

We are here to Inform potential Homebuyers, not scare them away from common maintenance items. Additionally, all of our reports are co-branded, which means our reports and home maintenance follow ups will always include you as the real estate agent and be branded as our trusted partner.

Generate your repair request Addendum in just a few clicks!

New Construction Inspections

Is your brand new home currently being built? We perform new construction inspections once your home is built to ensure your home has been builtin accordance to current construction standards. Typically your builder will provide a walkthrough with you where they can address any deficencies that we report to you. A common builder warranty is One-year and we also conduct Builder Warranty Inspections, which will help address any deficencies before your warranty comes to an end. Call today to learn more about our services regarding your brand new dream Home!

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