Granbury, Tx Structural Home Inspections

This weeks tip is regarding your Home foundation. Everyone in Granbury, Tx may already know that proper drainage around the perimeter of your home is vital to your foundation performance, but maintaining proper moisture levels is also important. In Texas most soil will stay extremely saturated with moisture until dry summer months, and the soil will then dry and contract which can cause movement to your foundation. Occasional saturation, or watering, of the soil around your home may sometimes be recommended to maintain proper moisture levels in soil next to and beneath your home. Of Course proper drainage is of the upmost importance as well, proper grade sloping, rain gutters and downspouts diverted away from the home, and vegetation away from the structure will all prevent foundation deterioration. Stay informed on your foundation, and monitor any cracks or separations you may observe. If the movement increases and cracks get larger over time it could be a good time to have a professional inspection.

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