Appliances, and Gas furnace combustion

Word of advice today, make sure your Home has adequate combustion air for your gas appliances. Combustion air is an important topic, having proper amounts of combustion air will ensure your Gas water heater and furnace is operating properly and not wasting unnecessary energy. If there is inadequate amounts of combustion air available to these appliances, it can also risk production of dangerous carbon monoxide gases.
In this case, we recently performed a Home Inspection in Stephenville, Tx and had both the water heater and furnace located in the garage of the home. An upper and lower combustion air vent is required to the exterior of the home from the garage in this case, which is not present. When a gas water heater of 50 gallons or less is contained in a 2 car garage alone, there is sufficient cubic volume to support the appliance combustion air. However, when the furnace is also located in the garage, there is not enough. Not to mention, if doors were to ever be installed over this utility closet, then there would be an even larger lack of combustion air.
Make sure your appliances are installed correctly, safely, and not wasting energy!

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