HVAC Inspections

It’s getting Hot!!! Time for some AC maintenance tips for all around west DFW area. This week we saw an extremely corroded evaporator coil in the Homes fan unit, this home was located in weatherford, Tx. Now condensation is normal to be produced from any AC or heat pump, but it does corrode the unit over time. In Texas, it is so humid that you want to stay on top of your condensation flowing from the unit inside your our home. If the secondary drain pan below your AC is in your attic it could go left many years without being serviced. These drain pans can rust and corrode over time and eventually leak! Before you know it you may have water stains forming around your attic access. Sealants can be added to the drain pans to prolong their life. Or you may also consider installing a condensation drain pump, primary water shutoff float valve or more to help with the removal of your condensation. Check up on your AC and the unit inside your home often so that you don’t get caught off guard. Stay cool friends!

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