Septic Inspections

Septic systems are commonly found all over Hood, Somervell, and Erath Counties in Texas. If the home you own or are purchasing has a septic system you will likely be required to have annual or semi-annual inspections performed. At Watson Building Inspections we perform the visual inspection of the system, the most common types found in Granbury, Stephenville, Weatherford and surrounding areas are either the conventional Anaerobic or newer type aerobic systems.

If your system has only one tank, commonly buried or with an older style concrete lid, you likely have a conventional Anaerobic system. Anaerobic systems use drain fields to flow the effluent into the water table. These types may have newer risers installed however which can help identify the location of your Tank.

In contrast, the newer system we commonly see in the area is called an Aerobic system that uses between 2-3 tanks to treat the waste. These can be more easily identified with a second tank that contains a pump that will discharge the effluent into the drain fields. You may also commonly find sprayer heads that will help you identify the end of your drain fields as well as cleanout observation ports.

You will likely need to have your septic serviced by a licensed septic technician for pumping and routine maintenance. As Professional real estate Inspectors, we perform a visual inspection of the overall condition of your septic system if you are purchasing or building real property.

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